Getting Your Offer Accepted for a Home in an Age Restricted Community in Las Vegas

If you are in the market to purchase a home in an age restricted community in Las Vegas, then you need to know a few things on how to make your offer stand out above the other offers. While some of these may seem like a “no brainer” – they will help you get your offer in front of the seller to your potential new home:

• If you are interested in multiple properties, make sure your Realtor knows which ones you are serious about when submitting your offer(s) -i.e. which properties you prefer.

• If possible and after your Realtor diligently checks all the comparables in the area, submit a REASONABLE offer either meeting or (if market trends permit) exceeding the seller’s asking price. “Lowballing” a seller will surely put you on their “do not call” list.

• If you have the means, put a cash offer in. Nothing slows down a real estate transaction like needing bank approval for a loan. If not, GET PREAPPROVED by your preferred lender and make sure you work with them to get all requisite paperwork to them as things move along. The more diligent you are on your end –the less time EVERYONE will have to wait for the closing.

• If you find a property at a “bargain” price –offer a “fast closing”. Having everything in place on your end will ensure a fast closing and make everyone happy.

• Sellers, like buyers, have different needs. Get to know the seller and their situation, this way you know WHY they are asking for whatever they are. Do some research – the more you know, the more inclined the seller will be to accept your offer and work with you.

• Be reasonable if the home needs some minor “fixing up”. Don’t make too many demands of the seller to fix very minor things. Obviously this doesn’t mean if a home needs a new roof or considerable repairs you shouldn’t ask for them to be dealt with. But instead, use them as a “bargaining” chip.

The bottom line is this: sellers are more inclined to work with buyers who are reasonable and not overly demanding. Remember to not sweat the small stuff. Get advice from your real estate agent as well and as in every business transaction: LISTEN. You will learn so much more just by simply asking the right questions, listening to the advice and making your decisions based on good information.